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Our company deals with:

I. Repairs and inspection checks of locomotives made in ČKD Praha

We deal with locomotives of the following series: T234 (704), T238, 708, T239 (709), 714, T457.0 (730), T457.1 (731), T448 (740), T419, T466.2 (742), T466.3 (743).

1. Locomotive Repairs

Implementation of periodical Mm locomotive inspection checks - minor check and Mv - major inspection check
Implementation of periodical Ms locomotive inspection checks - medium check - only for T234 (704), T238 a T239 (709)
Repairs of locomotive damages caused due to its operation
Repairs of 6Z 135 T (M2) and 8V 183 TE 12 oil engines - MTU in the range up to complete over-haul (carried out by service men trained by the engine producer)

All inspection checks and locomotive repairs are implemented in the whole range in accordance with valid standards, including spare parts provision.

2. Whole locomotive units repairs

Repairs of speedometers
Repairs of locomotive pneumatic devices
Repairs and inspection checks of injectors and injection pumps
Repairs of electrical or electronic locomotive equipment
Operation inspection checks of pressure containers
Detailed inspection check of pressure containers, including pressure test, pressure containers disassembly and re-assembly
Repairs of independent Ebersprächer heating

3. Special Services

Wheel set crack detection
Load resistor running-in, including the engine adjustment
Locomotive inspections for transition, compatibility with the Czech Railways … at the customer
Locomotive inspections in accordance with supplement no.IV, Ministry of Railways Notice no. 173/95 of the Code

Wheel set profile turning by means of sub-level or wheel lathe

4. Operation Opportunities

Locomotive lease
Lease of locomotive and an engine driver
Engine driver service on railway lines where your driver is of no experience

5. Sales of Locomotive Spare Parts

Mechanic equipment
Engine equipment
Electric equipment

Our services are carried out by service men with long-time experience in the field of ČKD Praha locomotives maintenance and repairs. Locomotives have been produced on the basis of contractual co-operation with Czech Railways. Authorised inspectors are in charge of inspection checks.

II. Constancy

We would be pleased to be of assistance in the field of Diesel-electric locomotives maintenance and repairs.

III. Production, installation and repairs of electric machines and devices

We repair, replace and test traction engines, generators and alternators.
We replace SD contractors produced in ČKD Praha.
We repair Bosch stopmagnets.

IV. Production, installation and repairs of electronic devices

Locomotive regulator electronic units
Electronic sensors

V. Engine Oil Filtration

We provide mobile filtration devices according to your requirements
We assemble by-pass filtration device into the engine. - It filters impurities larger than 2micrometers and enables to absorb up to 200ml of water.


Design: R. Plaček